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We are living in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).  Organisations are facing disengaged and isolated teams struggling to adapt to new reality of hybrid environments and virtual work.  Leaders are facing a whole new set of challenges every day.  Crucially, how individuals now behave, communicate and engage has shifted significantly.


We need the support of a simple and effective tool that can help us assess, understand and develop our people.  A tool that give us practical steps to follow and can have an immediate, positive impact on our people.


DISC Flow® will supercharge your workforce.  


It has been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply.  We've taken the tried-and-tested DISC model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build better, stronger and more productive relationships.

DISC Flow® is a powerful and highly effective tool that can produce spectacular results when used proficiently.


As more and more organisations experience the benefits of bringing DISC Flow® to their employees, they are also recognising the importance of having certified professionals who can keep DISC alive within the company's culture. 


Completing a DISC Flow® certification course signals a proven level of capability and knowledge — giving you the ability to tie DISC Flow® solutions directly to individual, team, and organisational goals.


If you are aninternal HR orLearning and Development professional, or external Coach or Consultant, the DISC Flow certification is perfect for your development toolbox.

The DISC Flow® Difference

DISC is a world-reknowned assessement tool trusted by thousands of organisations, coaches and trainers.


So why choose DISC Flow®?


DISC Flow® goes beyond where the traditional DISC model ends and by introducing the power of Emotional Intelligence, answers the question “how do I take this knowledge and apply it in the real world”?


We've taken the tried-and-tested DISC model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build better, stronger and more productive relationships.


Emotional intelligence describes a way of recognising, understanding, and controlling how we think, feel and act so that these emotions work with us, and not against us.


It defines how and what we learn; it shapes our understanding of ourselves and determines the majority of our daily actions and interactions with others.

The DISC Flow® model has been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply.


DISC Flow® profiles are among the most scientifically valid and reliable DISC based products on the market.


Our reports provide powerful insights and meaningful data to help people make more informed decisions and reach their true potential.

What DISC Flow® Certified Training Offers You

  • Enhance your professional skills with a trusted and internationally renowned certification.

  • We teach the DISC Flow® model holistically, giving you a deep understanding of how it can be used to increase emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability in the workplace.

  • Be the go-to person to drive and embed lasting changes in positive behaviour and communication at an individual, team and organisational level.

  • The DISC Flow® model provides straight-forward steps to improve relationships and employee engagement in the workplace.

  • DISC Flow® provides you with the versatility to craft solutions to meet a wide variety of organisational needs.

  • Completing a certification course signifies a proven level of capability and expertise in the workplace application of behavioural assessments.

At the end of the certification, you will have:

  • The confidence and competence to apply DISC Flow® in any training, coaching or consulting capacity in the workplace


  • An understanding of the history of DISC and the theory behind the DISC Flow® model


  • An understanding of personality and situational behaviour 


  • The ability to recognise and understand behavioural styles


  • The keys to developing people-reading skills


  • The ability to competently interpret DISC Flow® Profiles and give meaningful and powerful feedback


  • Practise in workplace application of the skills


Incredible product with limitless value in the workplace, with an amazing support team to help you every step of the way. 
5 stars!

Inga Wendelin
Learning and Organisational Development Manager
TFE Hotels

This is an incredible tool delivered in a simple to learn way. The effectiveness of it will be experienced by you in the training and prove it's powerfulness right in front of your eyes! 
Get onboard!

Lauree Arnold
Executive & Life Coach

DISC Flow® Trainer Certification

Your Certification includes:

  • Full certification course delivered over four 2-hour sessions 

    (Value $3750 + GST)

  • A certificate and the DISC Flow® logo to attach to your LinkedIn, resume or professional profile

    (valued at $99 + GST)

  • Your personal DISC Flow® profile 

    (valued at $195 + GST)

  • Access to our members' resource portal that includes:


    • Facilitation tools
    • Sample reports
    • eBooks
    • Posters
    • Resources for interpreting reports

    (valued at $297 + GST)

  • A FACE Account to purchase credits and run your personally-branded DISC Flow® reports

    (valued at $170 + GST)

  • Credits for your first DISC Flow® Portrait, Core and Leader reports 

    (valued at $395 + GST)

  • Bi-monthly professional development sessions (in conjunction with DISC Flow® Asia Pacific)

    (valued at $1497 + GST)

  • Help and support from the DISC Flow® Australia team

Total value $6310 + GST

$1995+ GST person